Reports Samples

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  1. Basic DNA Analysis Report
    Full DNA Report of all matching SNPs in tabular format sorted by chromosome. (Typically around 120 pages)  See sample report!
  2. Standard DNA Analysis (Basic + 14 more reports)
    All DNA SNP match report (The full list of your SNP matches found in the Human Genome database).
    Parental Alleles Match Report.
    Disease risks
    Aging and longevity
    Drug response 
    Physical Traits 
    Fitness and wellbeing
    Drug response 
    Alcohol, smoking, caffeine and substance risks 
    Good Genes Report 
    Allergy risks
    Vitamin and nutrition
    Skin Health
    Bone health
    Eye health
    Ear health 
    (See Sample Report)
  3. Premium DNA Analysis  (17 reports)
    Additional reports are:
    - Premium Summary (see sample)
    - Biohack Report.(see sample)