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The most comprehensive DNA raw data analysis report

To understand your genetic predisposition there are a few DNA interpretation services that can analyse your DNA raw data and provide you with a detailed report about the bad and good genes and the traits that makes who you are.
Some of the professional services are very expensive and you can pay from couple a hundered dollars per test such as the breast cancer gene (BRCA2) to several thousands dollars to screen your dna for about 15 major deseases.
However, in recent years, genealogy testing labs such as Myheritage, FamilyTree, Ancestrty and 23andme have invested millions in dollars in dna sequencing equipment that can analyze many genomes quickly and a fraction of the cost of that professional dna testing labs who are still strugging to pay off the cost of their expensive machines.
With such an quantum leap and the low cost of dna testing of about 700,000 SNPs for less than $100 the dna sequence results aka genetic raw data can fulfill a geneticists dream of having more data about a genotype than ever imagined. The dna raw data not only provide genealogy information but they include 300% more data than what is basically needed to compare a person's health and traits to a large set of genes deposited in public human genome databases.
Hence, there is a need for expert analysis to analyze all 700,000 SNPs for health and traits at a reasonable cost. Automated free dna analysis apps and web sites are available, however, their reliability and accuracy are questionable and it is up to the user to figure out what are the relevant genes that can affect his health and wellbeing.
The best low cost but reliable dna health analysis reporting service is offered by the Canadian startup DNA to Z. The report is based on special algorithm and statitistical methods to eleminate low confidence data. The report provide the user with a spreadsheet type table highlighting important genes and clickable references to greater details and charts on the NCBI web site and medical genetics libraries.
 In comparison to other dna interpretation services DNA to Z stands above all in terms of user friendly results and accuracy.

  • TEST REPORTS - We will test about 70,000 health and ethnicity markers on your DNA. You will get a full gene report  detailing every SNP macth on your DNA covering all chromosomes and metachondrial DNA.
  • Did you know that ancestry DNA test results can tell you more than your ethnic origin?
  • The code for your future health is also hidden within the DNA markers mapped by the ancestry test.
  • Most labs analyze about 700,000 SNP’s to estimate your ethnicity despite the fact that only a few markers are needed. The reason is that such a big number of SNPs are mapped is because it is easier and more cost effective for Labs to use standard high-volume DNA analysis equipment to do the test. Another reason is that your DNA raw data can be sold to big DNA database clients for research purposes.
  • When it comes to a thorough DNA test for health analysis, 700,000 SNPs is not a big number compared to the 3 billion bases in the human genome. But most of these bases have unknown function or do not seem to play any important role in human health. Furthermore, only 10% of the 700,000 SNPs have been linked to health conditions or traits so far.
  • Few companies like the Canadian startup DNA-to-Z can provide a thorough health analysis report covering about 100,000 SNPs known to manifest a confirmed health condition or physical trait as contained on the human genome databases such as SNPedia and GWAS.
  • While the raw data are prone to errors, AI assisted DNA analysis software can spot such errors and can minimize misinterpretation of genomic data. It is up to the client to review the report and make his own conclusions. The premium report provides an easy to understand summary of all health risks and triats in addition it provides you with the tools to hack your genes (A genetic Biohacking report that tells you about potential genetic risks and the diet or lifestyle changes needed to overcome the risks).
  • HEALTH ISSUES covered include hundreds of health predispositions and genes.
  • Medications that may affect you adversely are also analyzed for your DNA.
Genetic testing is now much easier with a simple cheek swab. The test is now affordable and accessible to a wide population in most countries. Genetic heritage testing has been with us for more than a decade now and millions of people have taken the DNA test to find their ethnic origin, ancestry and lost relatives. The ancestry test offered by geneology labs offer a good insight about ethnicity and lot relatives. But when it comes to take a health DNA test many labs request that you visit them to take the DNA sample while charging hundreds of dollars per gene test.

It was not until the geneology testing kit was simplified as a home DNA kit that requires only saliva from your mouth to be collected and placed in a special vial an sent to the lab (No blood necessary). However, geneology labs do not perform the full genetic predisposition tests nor the gene carrier test. So if you are looking for a Genetic testing for cancer then you had only the expensive labs to go to. However, with the introduction of next generation DNA sequencing by Illumina using microarrays DNA testing on a chip for health disease became affordable and fast.
Genetic testing for disease is becoming the norm and soon doctors will start asking patients for their DNA reports in order to make diagnosis easier and more precise. Personalized medicine is now becoming a reality as DNA tests become as cheap as blood tests.


Personal DNA analysis prices are quickly going down and accuracy is improving. DNA analysis is being handled by artificial intelligence platforms and accuracy is expected to reach 100% very soon. Genealogy DNA kits will soon be replaced by full DNA health kits. DNA history tests will also provide a time-lapse view on your DNA as you age. Telomere DNA sequencing can tell a lot about the actual genetic age of the person. If you have taken the ancestry DNA test or any DNA test to determine your heritage or ethnic origin and have obtained the sequence data you can request a genetic health report from DNA-to-Z based on your DAN data for a little extra cost. And since DNA tests will become cheaper and will cover more SNP’s (genetic markers) then this will also be an effective way to “Track my DNA” to see how it changes with ageing. DNA banks can store your cord blood for later stem cell retrieval. But new techniques do not rely on card blood but on your teeth as well even if you are adult. Stem cells can be retrieved from your teeth and stored in DNA banks or used immediately if needed. The DNA technology is advancing at an astronomical rate. Buccal collection by buccal swab is replacing invasive DNA collection from pregnant women.
Pregnant women can test their baby’s DNA during the very first stages of pregnancy without the need for the highly invasive procedure, namely chorionic villus sampling (CVS) or amniocentesis, which carries a risk of miscarriage. A number of clinical diagnostic tests have now been implemented, including fetal sex determination , RHD blood group determination, and the detection or exclusion of de novo or paternally inherited monogenic disorders. The advent of massively parallel next-generation sequencing (NGS) broadened opportunities to include widescreen detection of fetal aneuploidy. The discovery that the fetal genome is present in the plasma in its entirety has further driven advances in this field.

Biological analysis: When you swab the inside of your cheek, epithelial cells stick to the cotton swab. Epithelial cells are easily accessible and can be collected in a noninvasive manner. The cells collected by the cheek swab are also germline cells, which means the DNA they contain is inherited from your parents (as opposed to somatic cells which include mutations that you acquire over your lifetime). Inside each of these cells is a nucleus, and inside each nucleus is a copy of your DNA — your genetic material. DNA is a very stable molecule — it is not easily destroyed by changes in temperature or by being knocked around in the vial — which is why it is not a problem to mail it to the lab using the regular postal service without any special precautions like dry ice or special packaging.
Premarital screening and DNA medical tests before you marry are recommended for any bride and groom especially if they are close relatives. Bridal screening test or newly engaged health screening are necessary for your genetic future and that of your children to prevent genetic disease. Before you get married or getting married.
DNA disease predisposition report interpretation may require genetic counselling by a certified genetic counsellor. DNA mapping, genetic mapping or gene mapping can reveal defective gene that cause diseases such as thalassemia which is common in couples who are blood relatives. Genetic match DNA testing is recommended for related couples who just married or are life partners planning to have children. Genetic matching can also detect sickle cell anemia, genetic cancer and may predict the potential for miscarriage. A visit to a DNA center is not necessary since you can have a home DNA test. The Cheapest DNA prices are not necessarily of poor quality. The important thing to look for is the number of SNP’s the test will cover. DNA analysis by DNA-to-Z covers over 70,000 SNP’s which makes it the most affordable DNA analysis. Basically, because research DNA activities cushions the cost. DNA profiling and Health prediction by DNA testing is now a real DNA thing. Your genome DNA tests can tell you about DNA mutations but there are other tests that can sequence your bacteria (microbiome). Gut Bacteria (gut biome), skin bacteria, nose and mouth bacteria can all be sequenced to find out about your allergy.