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The exome is the collection of the DNA sequences that codes for proteins (exons). Whole Genome Sequencing sequences the complete DNA of an organism. In the case of a human this corresponds to about three billion base pairs of DNA. ... The exome makes up only 1.5% of the whole human genome, however ALL protein coding genes are found in the exome.

The ethnicity test covers about 700,000 SNPs. The test covers all chromosomes as well as X and Y and Metachondrea. SNPS macthes are made with the database are pretty accurate and can give you a good snapshot about your genetic health profile. However, to be 100% certain you need to take Whole Genome sequencing test.

The premium raw DNA data analysis by DNAtoZ covers diseases, traits, allergies, drug response, personality, eye and ear health, bone health and others in great details.
 Key differences from other DNA analysis services:
* More reports at a lower cost
* Stringent data privacy
* No hiddedn cost
* Constant update of SNPs database

Yes, but you have to send us the two or more raw data files for comparison. Results are 99.99% accurate.
However, our privacy policy prevents us from submitting the results to legal entities or courts.