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DNA Health Analysis
Upload your Raw DNA file - Know your Health and Traits
Heal your body with the right gene-based diet 

17 Reports about your health and traits
from your ancestry DNA tests!


Decode your RAW DNA Data from MyHeritage, Ancestry, 23andme and FTDNA for thousands of diseases and traits. (What is a raw DNA data file?)
DECODE your GENES and know your nutritional genomics

Please note that we provide the DNA analysis results for educational purpose only as per our policies. WE DON"T SELL OR SHARE YOUR DNA DATA WITH ANYONE (Privacy Policy)

Pay online, upload your file and Get the report within 1 working day

genetic health report

DNA to Z Report  $79.99

Full Health Analysis of your DNA raw data in tabular format; plus 17 additional reports that contain statitical analysis of Disease risks, Skin health, Drug response, Obesity risk, Personality traits, Allergy, Bone health, Fitness, Ocular health, Auditory health, Nutrition, Substance risks, aging health risks, Good genes, and DNAtoZ premium summary report.

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How to hack your DNA test results


Download your raw DNA data

Go to the ancestry DNA web site (23andme, ancestry, Ftree, MyHeritage), sign in to your account and download your DNA raw data. Learn how


Order DNA to Z analysis

Return to our web site and order the analysis report: Basic, standard or premium. We use Paypal as a secure checkout. You can also pay with credit or debit card. After you pay online you will be forwarded to the upload page


Upload your DNA file

. After you upload your raw DNA data file we will check the file for data integrity and send you and email confirmation. Your analysis report will be emailed to you within few hours

 What can your ancestry DNA test tell you!

Disease risk

Scan your genes for hundreds of diseases.

Skin health

Learn about your skin type and sensitivity (Freckles, sunburn, eczema, etc..)

Bone health

Are you predisposed to osteoporosis or other bone problems?

Eye health

Ocular health genes will show you if you will suffer from age related macular degeneration or other diseases

Ear health

Your DNA can reveal your auditory well being as you age.

Physical traits, personality and inteligence

Learn about your personal features

Vitamins and nutrition

Find out about the vitamins and foods that affect your wellbeing


You genes can tell a lot about your allegies or susceptibility to asthma

Drug response

Every person has a unique response to certain drugs. What is your's?


Are your presidposed to strong muscles. Find out more.

Alcohol and substance risks

Many diseases are aggrevated by alcohol, caffeine and other substance. Your DNA can tell if you are at risk.


Some people stay obese even with diet and excercise, Are you one of them?

How to interpret the DNA analysis report?


I did my MyHeritage test for 67$ and got my raw data analyzed by DNA to Z. The results are like an X-ray into my genome. I saved more than $200.

Although we knew several things about our medical traits from our family history, the test report provided me and my children with an indepth view of our medical future. Thank you.

As a genetics expert I recommend DNA to Z test analysis for all. It makes medical diagnosis easier and more precise. That's one positive step towards personalized medicine.

We ordered the MyMatch pre-wedding test analysis. Luckily we matched and we learned more about our health compatibility and the good and bad genes we carry.

I got my DNA test results analyzed for free with another company but it was a partial report. To get the full report i must upgrade at a very high price. DNA to Z report is the most economical and most comprehensive

I did not expect so much details in the reports. I noticed that i may have some minor health issues, so I will see my genetics counselor soon.

How to Download your raw DNA data

from Ancestry, MyHeritage, 23andme, FTDNA and others:


Navigate to the 23andMe homepage.
In the upper-right corner, click Sign In. The Sign in page is displayed.
In the Email address field, enter your email address.
In the Password field, enter your password.
Click sign in.
Once signed in, on the home page, click Browse Raw Data. The Browse Raw Data page is displayed.
In the upper portion of the page, click Download. The Download Raw Data page is displayed.
Enter your password and secret question answer in the corresponding fields.
In the Whose data would you like to download Profile field, select the person whose raw data you want to download.
In the Choose between downloading data for… Data set field, select All DNA.
Click Download Data to download your raw data file. Note where you save the file on your computer.


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