Sending the sample to us by mail can take up to 8 weeks from some countries.
The waiting period to do the test in the lab is around 6 weeks depending on work load and number of samples sent.
The test itself takes only few hours.
Comparing the test results with the database and analysing the results is  2-4 days.
Report issuing 1 day.
The lab analysis method is based on DNA microarray thecnology 

Our database depends on publications by GWAS, SNPedi and other sources that rely on studies made on millions of people around the world..

For the DNA test you can order the test kit online and it will be sent to you by mail. Then you can collect a sample from your mouth and resend the samples to our Lab. You will be notified by mail once we receive the kit and once the test results are ready.
To save time, you can buy sterile medical swab from any pharmacy and order the test online. You will then receive an email with a registration code and instructions on how to collect the sample.
You can also DIY sterile swabs. More info on this link:

We provide more accurate tests than many other companies. The lab we rely upon uses the new microarray technology to scan about 700,000 SNPs. The test covers all chromosomes as well as X and Y and Metachondrea.
You can also order special tests for the Whole EXOME or Whole GENOME.
The reliability of our DNA tests is limited by the size of our database and scope of analysis. This keeps getting better as the database expands.

Our privacy policy does not allow keeping or sharing DNA and personal data. You may use a third party service for family tree buildup.

Yes, but you have to send us the two or more samples for comparison. Our results are 99% accurate.
However, our privacy policy prevents us from submitting the results to legal entities or courts.

Yes, you can send us the data you got from another lab and we will analyze it for Health and other tests at a reasonable cost. Contact us

Our Lab is certified and approved in accordance with international standards.
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