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DNA Testing

DNA Health & Ethnicity ($149+)
Simple Test (No need for kit): 
Buy Swabs➡collect DNA➡mail

DNA Health Kit

MyEthnicity+Health $149

A concise genetic health profile with a free ethnicity report covering the geographical areas of your origin.

Health Profile + Ethnicity

MyGenes $225

A full medical genetic health report including ethnicity, traits, kinship, allergies and medications.

Biome Test

MyBacteria  ($Call)

Analyze the DNA of your gut and skin bacteria.

Pre marriage

MyMatch  $450

Take the genetic test before you say "I do".

 Easy DNA

Buy sterile swabs from your pharmacy or make your own


DNA Test
 MyGenes $225

Order the swab kit by mail to collect DNA from your mouth. Return the swabs and get a full report for about 200+ diseases that you may carry and can affect your health or your baby's health.  (DNA Test Price with Ethnic origin estimate and allergy report $225).

Discover how your genetics can influence your risk of
diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, hereditary thrombophilia, celiac disease, obesity,
cardiovascular diseases and some types of hereditary cancer such as breast, ovarian and lung cancer.

Complete genome analysis is also avialable for $1000.


MyEthnicity+ $149

Identify your ethnic origin and find lost relatives or confirm paternity.  Get the free report with "MyGenes".

Ethnicity DNA test with concise Health profile for $149


My Prescriptions

Identify the prescriptions that are hazardous to your health and know the vitamins that you need for wellness. Get the free report with "MyGenes".

The report includes more than 50 medications and their interpretation to give you actionable and relevant information. 



Analayze the DNA of the bacteria living in and on your body. Get expert advice on how to improve your microbiome. Discover more about how your bacteria and genetics affect your overall fitness.(Separate kit      $ Call)

The Skin DNA test we offer is the basis of your skin treatment and care - because not everyone’s skin is the same. (Kit $ Call)



Take the genetic test before you say "I do".
Compare your DNA to that of your potential marriage partner.
Genes that are equally defective in both persons can indicate a reduction in genetic matching and can affect the health of your children. Avoid defects like albinism, sickle cell anaemia, haemophilia,  thalassemia, spontaneous abortions and premature birth
(MyMatch Kits $450)



Get the free report with "My Genes" to learn about the allergens that are affecting your health.

Our affiliate program is offered to many countries.
Please contact us to join our affiliate program.



We decided to take the MyMatch pre-wedding test so we ordered it online but we did not have to pay and wait for the DNA kit to arrive. Instead, we printed the registration form and the simple instructions and saved at least $60 on both kits. We bought 4 sterile swabs from a local healthcare store for 30 cents each, we swabbed the inside of our cheeks several times and kept the swabs to dry for one hour. Then we returned the swabs to the sterile enevlop, tapped it and sent it by mail. Six weeks later we got the results. Luckily we matched and we learned more about our ethnic origins, but most importantly, we learned so much about the good and bad genes we carry. 
                      Sally and Dan

DNA collection was very easy. I did not expect so much details in the reports. I noticed some minor issues. So I will see my genetics counselor soon.

Although we knew several things about our medical traits from our family history, the test report provided me and my children with an indepth view into our medical future. Thank you.

As a genetics expert I recommend DNA to Z tests for all. It makes medical diagnosis easier and much more precise. That's one positive step towards personalized medicine.

About us

DNA-To-Z is a Canadian DNA Testing Startup that is gaining ground in the DNA field. Our services can help you discover your ethnic origin, find lost relatives, determine paternity, pre-marriage genetic matching and gene mapping to learn about your genetic predisposition. We provide you with the first step towards personalized healthcare.

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